2016 Schedule

Sun 11.6
Time Activity POC Location
1200-1500 Vendor’s Range Activity (charge construction & rehearsals) Paul Reel  -TEES DPD Range
1400-1800 Attendee – Vendor Registration / Vendor Set-Up International Breachers Group (IBG) Lonestar Preconvene AB
1800-2000 Vendor Show / Refreshments Lonestar Preconvene AB
2000-2020 Brief for range demonstration companies TEES Lone Star A2-4
Mon 11.7
Time Activity POC Location
0700-0800 Registration IBG Lone Star A2-4
0810-0825 Welcome Address:
– Dallas Police Department
 MC Lone Star A2-4
0900-1200  Vendor’s Range Activity (charge construction & rehearsals) Paul Reel -TEES DPD Range
 0830-0930 Breakout Session:
LE Teams Without an Established Program
– Justifying an Explosive Breaching Program
Alan Brosnan -TEES San Antonio Ballroom, B 3rd Flr
 0830-0930 Breakout Session:
LE Teams With an Established Program
Bill McQuiggan / Jordan Young
Montgomery County PD (MD)
Lone Star A2-4
 0830-0930 Breakout Session:
Military / Government Teams
 Joe Paisley Lone Star A1
 0945-1040 Over Pressure in Confined Spaces: Hallway Door Breaching Dr Gary Kamimori – US Army
Walter Reed Hospital
Lone Star A2-4
 1050-1145 Breaching Armored Glass Matt Renfro, Brandon Berie,
Daniel Canete & Mark Michaels – Dallas PD SWAT
Lone Star A2-4
 1145-1300 Lunch Attendees
 1300-1355 Robotic Breaching Chris Ennis- Delaware State Police Lone Star A2-4
 1405-1500 Operational Case Study Michael Diehl / Jeremy Nash
Rochester PD (NY)
Lone Star A2-4
 1500-1830 Vendor Show / Refreshments / Door Prizes Vendors Lonestar Preconvene AB
 1900-2200 Meet & Greet
Sponsored By: CGS Suppressors LLC
Snacks/ Refreshments
Pam Vaughan – TEES Sheraton – Kitchen Terrace
Tues 11.8
Time Activity POC Location
0830-0925 Hidden Information within a Blast Wave Exposed Using the Blast Tracker Jeff Levine – Med Eng (Safariland) Lone Star A2-4
Vendor – Final rehearsal at range with DPD demo teams
DPD SWAT Opening Demo Rehearsal
Paul Reel – TEES
DPD Range
0935-1035 Operational Case Study Inv Craig Clark – Arapahoe PD (CO)
Comd. Eric Schmitt – Greenwood Village PD (CO)
Lone Star A2-4
1045-1140 Detapoints: Target Composition, Shock Profile Requirements, Performance Testing and Data Analysis Christopher Cherry Jr.
Cherry Engineering
Lone Star A2-4
1040-1150 Unconventional Breaching Techniques – Survey Paul Ford – Combined Tactical Systems Lone Star A2-4
1150-1300 Lunch Attendees
1300-1355 Cold Climate Wall Breaching using Gryphon Frames, Alford Frames and Improvised Charges JP Koivusilta – Finish Defence Force
Henrikki Runosalo – Finland National Police
Lone Star A2-4
1405-1500 Operational Case Study  Jason Ridings Lone Star A2-4
1500-1505 Range Brief Alan Brosnan – TEES Lone Star A2-4
1510-1730 Vendor Show/Refreshments/Door Prizes  Vendors Lonestar Preconvene AB
1830-2100 Banquet
Sponsored by: Combined Tactical Systems
Breacher Awards / Raffles / Key Note Speaker: Lt. CT Payne – Garland PD, TX
 Alan Brosnan – TEES Lone Star A2-4
Wed 11.9
Time Activity POC Location
0750-0830 Range Day
Sponsored by: Cutting Edge Tactical, Ruhl Tech Engineering, and Osen Hunter (OHG Innovative Technologies)
Buses move to range
Vendors break down booths
Pam Vaughan – TEES Sheraton
0830-1130 Range Activity:
  • Opening Demonstration
  • Wood and Metal Door Breaching- Core Charges
  • Vendor Breakout Sessions (hands on for attendees)
 Dallas PD /IBG
  • Safety brief
  • Range orientation
DPD Range
1130-1230 Lunch – Catered at Range Double 6 BBQ DPD Range
1230-1400 Round Robbin Training Session
  • Power Tool Breaching
  • Wall tamped wall charges
  • Fire Hose Breaching (scientific analysis / loading techniques / employment)
  • Robotic Breaching

Attendees can choose two (2) subjects to rotate through (40 min per subject)
– Vendors will be available for Q&A

Shane Foster- TEES
Paul Reel – TEES
Jim Clements – UK DoD
Chris Ennis – Delaware SP
DPD Range
1410-1530 Range Activity:
  • Advanced Door Breaching (barricades / grill / screen / metal pull doors)
  • Cover Port  & Wall Breaching
1530-1615 Buses Return to Sheraton  Alan Brosnan – TEES Sheraton
Thu 11.10
Time Activity POC Location
0800-0810 Major Raffle Prize Drawings IBG Lone Star A2-4
0810-0910 Operational Case Study – Orlando Pulse Nightclub Terrorist Incident Lt Christopher Hall
– Orange County (FL) SO
Lone Star A2-4
0920-1020 Operational Case Study – Attack on Dallas PD HQ Jeremy Borchardt
– Dallas PD SWAT
Lone Star A2-4
1030-1150 Panel Discussion:
  • Jim Clements – Cranfield University, UK MoD
  • Dep Ervin Francois- Los Angeles (CA) County SD, SEB
  • Sgt. Josh Hertel – Dallas PD, SWAT
  • Chris Cherry – Cherry Engineering
  • Dr. Gary Kamimori – US Army / Walter Reed Hospital
Keith Frakes – Moderator
Sandia Labs, NM
Lone Star A2-4
1150-1200 Closing Address IBG Lone Star A2-4