Sun 10.21
Time Activity POC Location
1000-1300 Vendor’s Range Activity (charge construction & rehearsals) Paul Reel  -TEES TEES Range
1200-1600 Vendor Registration / Vendor Set-Up Katie Millican – Kiwi Breaching Products Landers Center
1600-1700 Attendee Registration Pam Vaughan – International Breachers Group (IBG) Landers Center
1600-1800 Vendor Show / Refreshments IBG Vendor Hall
1800-1830 Brief for range demonstration companies TEES Main Hall
1900-2130 Vendor Appreciation Night Katie Millican – Kiwi Breaching Products TBD
Mon 11.6
Time Activity POC Location
0700-0800 Registration IBG Landers Center
0810-0825 Welcome Address:
– Desoto County Sheriff’s Dept / Shelby County Sheriff’s Office
 MC – Mike Cowan DCSD Main Hall
 0830-0930 Breakout Session: Law Enforcement Personnel
Lessons learned during operational breaching
Paul Butler – Polk County Sheriff’s Office (FL) Main Hall
 0830-0930 Breakout Session: Military / Government Personnel
Research based blast considerations for operational personnel
Ted Westmoreland – US Army SF (retired) TDG Resources Concession / Theatre
0900-1200  Vendor’s Range Activity (charge construction & rehearsals) Paul Reel -TEES TEES Range
 0940-1035 Operational Overpressure: Concrete, 50 Caliber and grenade exposure Dr Gary Kamimori – US Army
Walter Reed Hospital
Main Hall
 1045-1145 Operational Case Study – Kiwi Breaching Pole – “Mannequin Challenge”  Jerry Smith, Matthew Scratchard – Madison County, AL Main Hall
 1145-1300 Lunch – Meal Not Provided
 1300-1355 Impulse and Internal Breaching Jeff Levine – Med Eng Main Hall
 1405-1500 Operational Case Study – Hostage Rescue Chris Nilsen / Brandon Berie – Dallas PD, TX Main Hall
 1500-1730 Vendor Show / Refreshments / Door Prizes Vendors Vendor Hall
 1900-2200 Meet & Greet
Sponsored By:
Snacks/ Refreshments / Corn Hole Tournament (prizes)
Pam Vaughan – TEES Holiday Inn
Tues 11.7
Time Activity POC Location
0830-0925 Hidden Enemy: Invisible Wounds with Lasting Effects Scott Featherman- Blackbox Biometrics Main Hall
0900-1030 Vendors – Final rehearsals at range with  demo teams Paul Reel – TEES TEES Range
0935-1035 Operational Case Study – Hostage Rescue Mission Sean Silvers / Jim Butler – Memphis PD Main Hall
1045-1145 A Neat Charge is a Happy Charge: Technical Considerations in Charge Construction Christopher Cherry Jr.
Cherry Engineering
Main Hall
 1145-1300 Lunch – Meal Not Provided
1300-1355 Robotic Breaching – Supporting Tactical Units & General Capabilities Judson Maxwell – Shelby CSD
 1405-1500 Hydraulic Tactical Breaching
Israel SF – Advantages & Operational Lessons
Ran Nakash SAN , Ltd – Israel Main Hall
1500-1505 Range Brief Alan Brosnan – TEES Main Hall
1505-1730 Vendor Show/Refreshments/Door Prizes
Vendors break down booths at 1730
Vendors Vendor Hall
1830-2100 Dinner Banquet – Meal Provided
Sponsored by: Combined Tactical Systems
Breacher Awards / Raffles / Guest Speaker
Alan Brosnan – TEES
Ted Westmoreland TDG Resources
Main Hall
Wed 11.8
Time Activity POC Location
0750-0830 Buses move to range
No attendees POV’s permitted at range, buses will be provided
Pam Vaughan – TEES Landers Center
Parking Lot
0830-1130 Range Day:

  • Opening Demonstration
  • Wood and Metal Door Breaching- Core Charges
  • Vendor Breakout Sessions (hands on for attendees)
    Note: Modern Outfitters shooting competition will commence at the same time as the vendor breakout sessions
MC Max Joseph – TEES
– Safety brief
– Range orientation
TEES Range
1130-1230 Lunch – Meal Provided Pam Vaughan – TEES TEES Range
1230-1400 Round Robin Training Session

  • Power Tool Breaching (quickie saw & chain saw)
  • Water tamped wall charges
  • Facility construction to support a breaching program
  • Robotic Breaching

Attendees can choose two subjects to rotate through (40 min per subject)
– Vendors will be available for Q&A

Paul Reel – TEES
Max Joseph — TEES
Judson Maxwell- Shelby CSD
Alan Brosnan -TEES
TEES Range
1410-1530 Range Activity:

  • Advanced Door Breaching (barricades / grill / screen / metal pull doors)
  • Cover Port  & Wall Breaching
1530-1615 Buses Return to Landers Center Pam Vaughan – TEES Landers Center
Thu 11.9
Time Activity POC Location
0800-0815 Major Raffle Prize Drawings Alan Brosnan – TEES Main Hall
0815-1000 July 7, 2016: The Murder of 5 Dallas Police Officers Christian Dalesandro – Dallas PD, TX (retired) Main Hall
1010-1100 Operational Case Study – The Motel Incident Daniel Canete – Dallas PD, TX Main Hall
1105-1150 Panel Discussion:

  • Chuck Mays- Shelby CSO SWAT Commander
  • Jude Braun – Dallas PD SWAT
  • Chris Cherry – Cherry Engineering
  • Dr. Gary Kamimori – US Army / Walter Reed Hospital
Alan Brosnan – Moderator Main Hall
1150-1200 Closing Address IBG Main Hall