Unfortunately, the IBG has to cancel the scheduled Oct 31-Nov 3, 2021 Breaching Symposium. After consulting with the majority of our International attendees, it has become evident that they will not be able to attend due to Government restrictions and quarantine rules. There is also uncertainty at US Government level for our military and OGA attendees. The new date will be Oct 30-Nov 2, 2022.

For any administration questions or issues please contact Pam Vaughan at pvaughan@energeticentry.com. If you are unable to attend the October dates and would like a refund, please let us know and we will gladly take care of that for you. Registration will remain open. Stay tuned for more information in the coming months via email and the web.
We apologize for any inconveniences this may have caused and hope we see you all next year in October!
Sincerely, IBG Staff

2022 Schedule Coming Soon!

Sun        1600-1800    Attendee Registration / Trade Show
Mon       0700-2200    Registration / Opening Ceremony & Presentations / Trade Show / Meet & Greet Social
Tues      0800-2100    Presentations / Trade Show / Banquet
Wed      0745-1600     Range Day / Closing Address

Sun 10.0
Time Activity POC Location
1000-1300 Vendor’s Range Activity (charge construction & rehearsals) TEES TEES Range
1200-1600 Vendor Registration / Set-Up International Breachers Group (IBG) Landers Center
1600-1800 Attendee Registration Pam Vaughan – TEES Landers Center
1600-1800 Vendor Show / Refreshments IBG Hall 2, 5-8
1800-1820 Brief for Vendors demonstrating on range day (Wednesday) TEES Hall 1
1900-2130 Vendor Appreciation Night TBA
Mon 10.0
Time Activity POC Location
0700-0800 Registration Pam Vaughan – TEES Landers Center
0810-0825 Welcome Address:
– DeSoto County  Sheriff’s Dept / Shelby County Sheriff’s Office
 MC – Lt. John Cook, PCSO (Retired) Hall 1
 0830-0930 Breakout Session: Law Enforcement Personnel
Liability, litigation and lawyers
Alan Brosnan – TEES
Paul Butler – PCSO
Hall 1
 0830-0930 Breakout Session: Military / Government Personnel
Repetitive sub-concussive trauma in CANSOF breachers and snipers
Dr Isabelle Vallee – Canadian Defence Force TBD
0900-1200  Vendor’s Range Activity (charge construction & rehearsals) TEES TEES Range
 0940-1035 Blast Science Today – Flash bangs, Suppressors and more Dr Gary Kamamori – US Army
Walter Reed Hospital
Hall 1
 1045-1145 Operational Case Study – Child Exploitation Warrant Jeremy Borchardt – Dallas PD SWAT Hall 1
 1145-1300 Lunch – Meal Not Provided
 1300-1355 Failed Breach: Success through Analysis Chris & Christopher Cherry – Cherry Engineering Hall 1
 1405-1500 Operational Case Study – Police Officer Murdered / Barricaded Situation Chris Ennis – Delaware State Police Hall 1
 1500-1730 Vendor Show / Refreshments / Door Prizes Vendors Hall 2, 5-8
 1900-2200 Meet & Greet Sponsored by
Snacks/ Refreshments / Corn Hole Tournament (prizes)
Pam Vaughan – TEES Holiday Inn
Tues 10.0
Time Activity POC Location
0800-0845 Operational Case Study – Barricaded Suspect – Explosive Breach & Shootout Nathan Lee and Richard Duke – Clarksville PD, TN Hall 1
0855-0940 Computer Aided Optimization of Breaching Charges – Enhancing
Efficiency with Numerical Simulations
Dr Daniel Huber – SIMBLAST Germany Hall 1
Vendors – Final rehearsals at range with SWAT demo teams
Opening Demo Rehearsal
TEES Range
0950-1035 Operational Case Study – Hostage Rescue Mission Mark Michaels – Dallas PD SWAT Hall 1
1045-1145 The Adequacy of hearing protection in the
breaching environment – UK perspective
Jim Clements – Defence Academy of the UK Hall 1
 1145-1300 Lunch – Meal Not Provided
1300-1355 Operational Case Study – Barricaded Suspect and High
Risk Warrant Service Missions
Lt Yousef Sansour – Guilford County SO, SC Hall 1
 1405-1455 The Foundations of Israel Defence Force SF Breaching:
Case Studies, Specific Targets and Scenarios
Ran Nakash – SAN Ltd Hall 1
1455-1500 Range Brief Alan Brosnan – TEES Hall 1
1505-1730 Vendor Show/Refreshments/Door Prizes
Vendors break down booths at 1730
Vendors Hall 2, 5-8
1830-2100 Dinner Banquet – Meal Provided
Sponsored by:
Breacher Awards / Raffles / Guest Speaker
Alan Brosnan – TEES Hall 1
Wed 10.0
Time Activity POC Location
0745-0830 Buses Move to Range – No attendee POV’s permitted at range, buses are provided Pam Vaughan – TEES Landers Center
0830-1130 Range Day Sponsored by:

  • Opening Demonstration
  • Wood & Metal Door Breaching – Core Charges
  • Vendor Breakout Sessions (hands on for attendees)
MC Max Joseph – TEES
– Safety brief
– Range orientation
TEES Range


1130-1230 Lunch – Meal Provided Pam Vaughan – TEES TEES Range
1230-1400 Round Robin Training Sessions

  • Water tamped wall charges
  • Robotic breaching to support a tactical unit
  • The facts about the fire hose charge
  • Quickie and chain saw gas & battery powered tools
  • Breaching hurricane glass
  • Breach Pen Instructor Qualification Course ($1oo before Oct 27, $120 at event)

Attendees can choose two subjects to rotate through (40 min per subject)
also vendors will be available for visits and Q&A


Products Designers
Hillsborough CSO / FL State Fire Marshalls Office
Jim Clements
TEES / Bushido Tactical
Paul Butler / Brad Gallagher
Brian Cole



TEES Range
1410-1530 Range Activity:

  • Advanced Door Breaching (barricades / grill / screen /metal pull doors)
  • Cover Port & Wall Breaching
1530-1615 Buses Return to Landers Center Pam Vaughan – TEES Landers Center